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Meetings, Minutes and Agendas

From this section you can view and download MINUTES of past meetings and DATES, TIMES and AGENDAS for upcoming and proposed future meetings.  Minutes of past Parish Council Meetings are publsihed here as soon as possible following their approval at the following meeting.

MINUTES of Parish Council Meetings, from January 2011 to date, are available to see or download here. AGENDAS for forthcoming Parish Council Meetings and committe meetings are available here shortly, usually a few days, before the relevant neetings.  AGENDAS are usually removed from the website when the related MINUTES are added. MINUTES of committee and similar meetings are not normally taken or published as the outcome of such meetings is always reported to and recorded in the MINUTES of the next Parish Council Meeting.

Council Meeting minutes from the years 2007 and 2008 may be seen and downloaded from the 'Document Archive' on this website - please click here to go to that archive. If you need to refer to minutes of meetings prior to those years. or in 2009, 2010 - for which electronic copies are not available, please contact the Parish Council via the Clerk whose contact details may be found by clicking here.   

All meetings of Great Oakley Parish Council and any committees etc threreof are normally OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC
Please be aware that it may be necessary from time to time for the Chairman to ask that all members of the public leave the meeting whilst matters of a confidential nature are discussed (for example: terms and conditions of employment of people employed by the council, terms and contents of 'commercial-in-confidence" documents such as tenders / quotations). The need for such action will normally be known in advance of the meeting and will be noted when the Agenda is published.  

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Meetings for 2021

Parish Council Meeting
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7:00 PM - Online meeting - details to join are on the agenda.

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