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Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way for the County of Essex - including Great Oakley Parish.

This document is a paper item held by the County Council with various bodies around the County, including Parish, and other, Councils holding a copy for local reference.  The 'original' copy held by the County Council is the legally defintive record. 

This arrangement, on its own, did not form an entirely convenient arrangement for the usual purposes of walkers and other users of the public rights of way seeking information on where public footpaths exist, where they lead and how they are connected into the wider picture.

WELL, GOOD NEWS .... READ ON ......    

After waiting patiently for a couple of years and thanks to lenghty efforts made by the relevant staff of Essex County Council and their consultants, we now have available to us an online version of the Essex Definitve Map of public rights of way - giving details of footpaths etc across the complete county. The following words are TT%

In February 2013, the following words of explanation were provided by Martin Bransby, Great Oakley Parish Council's principal contact with the Essex Public Rights of Way team:  

'Although not strictly definitive (there are several caveats on the website), it is quite a useful tool.

You can scroll around and zoom into this map.  You can also search by areas and if you click on a path, its number will be displayed.  The number is in two parts e.g. 135_5. The first part is the parish reference number which is then followed by the individual path number so 135_5 means West Bergholt_Footpath 5 for instance.

Again, please note that this is not the Definitive Map nor is it meant for evidentiary purposes.  Do not use this map to start having arguments with your neighbour!  For legal reasons the Definitive Map remains the paper-based version held at county hall.  The purpose of this digital map is to indicate locations of PROW and to assist in providing the relevant path number.  It is over-layed on more up to date mapping so is much more user friendly than the paper definitive map.  You can access it on the ECC website by opening this link:

       (confirmed 08/04/2018)


Essex Rights of Way Improvement Plan  

The Essex Rights of Way Improvement Plan is a document which outlines the county's plans for the management and improvement of Public Rights of Way, including those in Tendring District and those local to Great Oakley Parish. This Rights of Way Improvement Plan is intended to assist in providing a better quality of life for all in Essex by ensuring that the county's network of rights of way meets the needs of residents and visitors, improving access for all users and making Public Rights of Way information more readily accessible. 

To view or print a copy of the document click on this link Essex Rights of Way Improvement Plan
                                                                                                       (Confirmed 08/04/2018)


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